Thursday, October 21, 2010

Looking Back

Dear Bastian,
I have neglected writing to you in a big way, I'm so sorry! First, here are some pictures from before we left for the East Coast. You have been growing so fast- you are somewhere in your third month here:

Only when I look at these pictures do I notice how blond you have become! You are still holding on to some of your ginger-ness though :)

And here are some pictures with a few of your baby friends during final goodbye playdates (you had just turned 4 months old:

First with your friend Jayden, who is exactly one month younger than you. Note your soaked onesie- I think I have mentioned before that you spit up A LOT. I stopped changing your clothes so often because it was to no avail.

And below you are with baby Everett (Beckam's brother/Emily's son), who is almost exactly one month older than you! You always get the same blank expression as soon as the camera light flashes, even if you had previously been smiling. Oh well...

You started to get sad here, but I want to show your identical onesies. You are so long, your onesies always pull at the neck:

And lastly, here you are saying goodbye to Uncle Kade and Aunt Carlie. I am sad you won't get to know them more, your sister loves playing with them!

More to come! I have decided to keep things short and sweet for you- if you want to read more of the juicy details you may take a look at your sister's journal. This is unlike me but I am going to go with the gender stereotype that boys aren't as interested in all of those details...

Love you my Bastian boy,

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