Tuesday, October 26, 2010

A few more, and a sneak peek

Hi Bastian,
Just wanted to add a few more pictures from our visit with Beau/Trisha and families.

We couldn't get a good family shot at the farm that day but at least you look cute:
I love this picture of you and your Auntie Maria! She played with you for quite awhile that evening...
And here is just a shot so you can see some of our apartment. That's Uncle Tom holding Olivia and you're standing on my lap:

And without further ado.....here is the sneak peek! Thanks Aunt Trisha and Aunt Shannon for my costume!!

Love you!


  1. Thanks for posting such adorable pictures. You all look fantastic and love your place. Bastien is gorgeous and we love him. Sweet costume. What's Luthian going to be?
    Love GA Peg

  2. Love the froggy costume and your apt looks amazing!