Monday, November 1, 2010

Happy Birthday

You are officially six months and I wanted to report a couple milestones that have occurred this week! Last night I felt/saw that your first tooth has broken through your bottom gums! Dad and I had just been discussing when this might occur- your sister got her first tooth in her third month so I was thankful you waited a bit (although you had been showing signs of teething since then also).
You also started scooting! You have always done well with "tummy time" and I often put you on your tummy while I'm doing chores, cooking, or playing with Luthien because you like to look up and talk to me while in this position. This past week I noticed you would end up in a totally different spot from where I put you to begin with. Two days ago I finally caught you in action. There were toys that you wanted to play with, so you pushed up using your tippy toes and pushed forward using your forearms and knees....unbelievable (I think, for 6 months)! There was never a period of time where you became frustrated by not being able to reach something in front of you- you just figured out how to do it and did it! You are my determined boy.

I think there is another milestone that I may be missing, but I'll have to report it another day. You're probably going to wake up shortly so I should get some sleep!

Here you are eating some butternut squash we had for dinner. It's hard to tell what you do and don't like yet, you seem to want everything and have the same expression every time:
Don't worry, you're not actually eating the tootsie roll, just chewing on the outside of it, because Luthien gave it to you :)
Wildly excited by carving the pumpkin with Dad:

The quick and simple end result:
An example of your scooting here. You started out on the rug but ended up here!
I love you!

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