Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Dear Shannon

Thank You!!

I love my guitar onesie! It fits me perfectly and I now have 4 long sleeve shirts I can wear in this 30 degree weather we are having (but honestly AZ friends/family- we don't mind it at all!).
Dad/Rome especially loves it and he approves of the colors, and he's a tough one to please :)
Here I am rockin' out in it:

And here I look a little stunned but I wanted to show off my entire outfit:

Bastian: Mom's friend in Pittsburgh made and sent you this onesie, and as you can tell we all love it. Also, here is one more shot before bedtime, reading with Dad (yes, that's a lollipop your sister has...made of fruit if that makes it any better...!):
Love you!

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  1. you are quite welcome! I'm so glad that it fits, given how long it took me to finally send it to you. He's a gorgeous little guy!