Sunday, November 14, 2010

Geared Up

Hi Bastian,
I know I'm biased but you are getting cuter by the day. Your mood, however, has not been as pleasant, and for now I am blaming it on your teething. I try not to use this excuse because it seems like moms always say their babies are teething to account for crankiness, but I think it really is true this time. You have two little teeth now on the bottom and I think two more are about to break through soon! You say "ma ma" a lot right now, and if I wasn't a speech therapist I would think you were actually making the connection, but I'm pretty sure it's babbling at this point :) But you do seem to say it when you are sad and therefore want me, so even others have pointed out that you are saying it. Here are just a few pictures of some of your winter gear.

A sweater knit by your Bobba and Nana. I'd say it definitely brings out the blue in your eyes...
A new good friend of ours gave/lent us a bunch of cute baby boy winter clothes! I have decided to put you in pajama outfits because it is so cold, they are much easier than pants, they work better with cloth diapers, and most importantly they are cuter anyway!
Your new vest, which I was really grateful for because getting things on your arms is impossible; you have always hated getting dressed. So at least this will keep your chest warm.
We love the outfit as well:
And one more, sorry I can't get enough of this vest! The little polar bear on the back is so cute because it's so simple!
Oh, I also wanted to tell you that you are sitting up very well now, with very little support needed. We give you a couple solid food "meals" per day which you get excited about but I still don't think you're quite ready for. You really don't swallow any of it, it all comes back out the front. You still love to gnaw on whole foods though, so I'm going to try cutting up large chunks of more vegetables like sweet potatoes and squash.

More of your new fashions to come...

Love you!

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  1. I love the is adorable! Bohdi also increased his "ma-ma" babbling when his front teeth were coming in...I think it has something to do with biting on the lips for comfort. It can't be an accident that this is usually one of babies' first 'words!'