Sunday, October 2, 2011

Fresh Start

Dear Bastian,
New sleeping habits have motivated even more new beginnings....this blog will soon be fully converted to a hard copy (can you imagine?!) journal and you and your sister will have to do some more sharing from now on.

Looking back, I am happy to have been writing to you, and you alone since your pre-Earth existence.  Now that the milestones are slowing down just a bit, I think we all are ready for a merge.

Love you,

Friday, September 23, 2011

...And Mama's milk went night-night

My sweet little Bastian, what a delight it is to watch you grow into a little man. I am so happy to have a way to take pictures of you now and I hope we didn't miss too much these past couple months! You developed such a nice tan this summer from spending long days at the beach, which I am sorry we missed, but your hair is still bleached from the sun and your little expressions still as cute as ever.

Okay, so lets get down to it...sleep. After months of daily amnesia on my part, in which I would wake up almost hourly each night to nurse you back to sleep, then somehow forget it all happened and do the whole thing all over again the next night, I decided to take some action. About two weeks ago, your never-used crib mattress moved to the floor and some genius advice from a friend (refer back to the title of this post) gave me some motivation, and I was finally ready. You have taken the whole thing much better than I had anticipated, and the only problem we are having now is that you wake up somewhere between 5 and 6 each morning. Now if only I could get to bed before midnight so we all get a decent night's sleep...

So here you are! My rested little guy... I will share more with you at a later date, since my 5 a.m. wake-up call is quickly approaching!

Oh, and for the record- you go to bed around 8, so you end up sleeping about 9 hours! Compared to one 3-hour period as your longest stretch, I'll take it! And Mama's milk goes to sleep at night but "wakes up" about 2x/day.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Before my eyes

Much to update you with, no time to do it.
Words, lots of words, and short phrases too!
You will actually imitate almost anything we say, very different from your sister who wouldn't say a word unless she could do it perfectly.
Love: BALLS, animals, and transportation things (sort of)- did I mention balls?
Still a momma's boy; you do better trying new things and doing things outside your comfort zone when I'm not around so you can't clutch at my leg and cry (like playing at the beach)
Nursing like crazy, especially right now with lots of teeth coming in
Foods: you will only eat vegetables that are steamed/sauteed and mixed in well with rice, eggs, or pasta; fickle with fruit due to texture (you like muskamelon but if one piece is too mushy it totally throws you off), your favorite is cold sweet things, like your daddy

More soon,

Friday, June 24, 2011

Wrapping up Spring and onto Summer

As I'm posting these pictures I realize how glad I am you are walking. You are much more independent and a *little* less clingy. You entertain yourself simply by walking around our living room, down the halls, all while throwing things; preferably balls but lately other random objects have peaked your interest.

I forgot to mention the sounds you can make: cow/moo, sheep/ba ba, dog/woof woof, and car (the vroom sound is also your label for the noun) are the most consistent, but you imitate many more while playing (and you generalize the moo to other animals often times).

I wanted to write this much down before I forget....will write more soon!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

It's midnight and you're awake wearing a tutu

I'm laughing and think you are adorable, trying to forget about how annoyed I was at you just minutes ago. I tried for 2 1/2 hours to get you to sleep with no success! I even let you cry for about 15 minutes in your crib (okay 10- I'm not ready people). The only thing I can think of is that your almost 4 hour nap today has thrown off your schedule. We went picking strawberries (which, thanks to the experience you will finally eat now!) and you were dead tired. If this means you are sleeping in tomorrow, I'm okay with it, but I highly doubt it...

You walk in full force these days (beginning about 2 weeks ago). I had envisioned in my mind my blog post entitled "Caught in the Act"- because this is exactly how the whole thing happened. You were taking a few steps here and there at the time, when all of the sudden one day Dad looked in Luthien's room where you were playing and noticed you practicing your walking all over the place. Now, you want to walk ALL the time, except at the most inopportune times, where you cling at my legs and whine for me to hold you (when I'm cooking, cleaning, trying to get anything accomplished of course)!

Back to the title of my aforementioned [missing] blog the first steps are one of every mother's favorite milestones, I was excited to write to you about the event. Our camera, however, has decided not to cooperate with my plan, because it broke right at that time and we cannot get anything new right now :(

Words: up, that, this, open, out, off, apple, doggy, daddy, mama, uh-oh, no (your favorite, which you constantly say with an extreme nasal resonance), ball (okay maybe this one is your favorite), uh-huh, nana, banana (similar pronunciations), cat (still working on that velar sound but it's sort of there)...a few more that I can't think of right now.

Okay, gotta go try to sleep again. More soon-

Saturday, April 30, 2011

Happy Birthday (and farewell winter!)

My sweet baby boy,
I do believe this is the last day I can technically call you that, although I am sure I will continue to do so until the day your next sibling comes along (or perhaps longer!)...
I have a terrible memory that seems to be getting worse the more I delve into motherhood. But I do remember VERY well the day that you were born- not the pain, but the joy. Feelings and emotions that I have difficulty putting into words, but lets just say the beginning of a connection I never understood could exist. Truly, my bond with you is different from any other and I am grateful to be your mama. I am sorry we didn't do much on your special day, but I hope to make it up to you this week, as the weather continues to warm up and we can do more and more things you love outside. Today, however, I did let you climb up and down the stairs in our apartment for a very long time. We also took Roofus on an extra long walk, just you and me at 6:30 a.m., another favorite activity of yours these days. You didn't care much for your birthday breakfast of rhubarb and apple cobbler that I stayed up late making the night before, but surprisingly, and sadly for me, this has become the norm recently- I don't want to say just yet that you have become a picky eater, because your mood has been different all around lately so it could be something else, so I will wait it out for now.

Here are just a few pictures from April:

We discovered a beautiful little farm nearby, and oh how you love animals! Quite possibly as much as your sister!

Easter Sunday, out at the park with Daddy while Mom enjoyed cooking without interruption; it made for a lovely spring dinner.

I am finally beginning to accept your becoming a toddler, especially since it comes with some of my favorite milestones. You took your first steps on the eve of your birthday, and also started signing and saying "more" that day! You love the attention you get when you do something new or good, the look you get on your face is so cute. You have started getting more into cars and trains and make lots of sounds as you push them along. Your babbling is beginning to sound more adult-like: long strings of sentences with great prosodic variation but filled with total gibberish. Love it.

I hear you waking up (after a 5 hour stretch, wow!) so that is all for now. Love you lots,

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Suntans and shorts

We recently experienced firsts of both of these.

I had already forgotten how HOT it gets in Arizona beginning in March! I had no shorts for you, so we had fun picking out some things at a kids' consignment shop in Phoenix. While I did put a bit of sunscreen on you at times, I certainly wasn't prepared for the little tan you got very quickly!

We had a fun time in Arizona, but for much of it you were clingy and teething. And still not sleeping well. By the very end of our trip you finally started letting others hold you whether I was in sight or not, which was refreshing. Here are a few pictures from our little vacation:

We enjoyed many evenings playing outside on the lawn at your Nana/Grandad's house in Phoenix. I don't know if I've mentioned that balls are your very favorite thing to play with these days, but here you are doing just that. You have also just learned how to roll the ball instead of just handing it to me :)

We also had a great time in Tucson visiting Grandpa Ed, Grandma Sue, Grammy, and your Great Aunt Dee Dee.

Here you are at the zoo enjoying a ride in this vibrant stroller:

And pointing, a favorite past-time:

With Mama, sporting those sun-kissed cheeks:

The ride-on toys were still a little big for you but you enjoyed them when we pushed you for a bit...

Back up in Phoenix, we enjoyed many gathering with aunts, uncles and cousins. Here you are reuniting with your Uncle Rhett:

And crushing your big sister...

One night we took you and your sister for a hike. You were squirming like crazy until I finally realized you wanted to walk for yourself. We had to take turns holding you because you wanted to get down so badly and it became rather difficult to contain you! We let you walk for little stretches, especially on the rocky parts which were your favorite.

We had many fun playdates, including a few with your good old friend Everett.

We met your new cousin, Atreyu (middle) and second cousin Quinn...I thought you were big until I met these two chubby little 6 month-olds! You are longer than both but actually weigh the same (or less in Quinn's case)!

Attempting to get a 'goodbye' shot with the infamous Bastian and Atreyu, but you kept crawling toward me (at least you are waving, which was appropriate)!

It's definitely good to be home. I didn't realize how attached you were to your daddy until we got back; it was so sweet to witness your reunion.


p.s. I almost forgot to mention the throwing up that put us behind on our way to the airport in Phoenix. And then there was the large amount of throw up that came up just as everyone fastened their seatbelts preparing for our flight to Boston. And yes, it splashed on the woman next to us. And need I mention that we were out of extra outfits at that point? Another reason our reunion with dad was so sweet :)