Friday, September 23, 2011

...And Mama's milk went night-night

My sweet little Bastian, what a delight it is to watch you grow into a little man. I am so happy to have a way to take pictures of you now and I hope we didn't miss too much these past couple months! You developed such a nice tan this summer from spending long days at the beach, which I am sorry we missed, but your hair is still bleached from the sun and your little expressions still as cute as ever.

Okay, so lets get down to it...sleep. After months of daily amnesia on my part, in which I would wake up almost hourly each night to nurse you back to sleep, then somehow forget it all happened and do the whole thing all over again the next night, I decided to take some action. About two weeks ago, your never-used crib mattress moved to the floor and some genius advice from a friend (refer back to the title of this post) gave me some motivation, and I was finally ready. You have taken the whole thing much better than I had anticipated, and the only problem we are having now is that you wake up somewhere between 5 and 6 each morning. Now if only I could get to bed before midnight so we all get a decent night's sleep...

So here you are! My rested little guy... I will share more with you at a later date, since my 5 a.m. wake-up call is quickly approaching!

Oh, and for the record- you go to bed around 8, so you end up sleeping about 9 hours! Compared to one 3-hour period as your longest stretch, I'll take it! And Mama's milk goes to sleep at night but "wakes up" about 2x/day.

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