Monday, August 15, 2011

Before my eyes

Much to update you with, no time to do it.
Words, lots of words, and short phrases too!
You will actually imitate almost anything we say, very different from your sister who wouldn't say a word unless she could do it perfectly.
Love: BALLS, animals, and transportation things (sort of)- did I mention balls?
Still a momma's boy; you do better trying new things and doing things outside your comfort zone when I'm not around so you can't clutch at my leg and cry (like playing at the beach)
Nursing like crazy, especially right now with lots of teeth coming in
Foods: you will only eat vegetables that are steamed/sauteed and mixed in well with rice, eggs, or pasta; fickle with fruit due to texture (you like muskamelon but if one piece is too mushy it totally throws you off), your favorite is cold sweet things, like your daddy

More soon,

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