Sunday, April 10, 2011

Suntans and shorts

We recently experienced firsts of both of these.

I had already forgotten how HOT it gets in Arizona beginning in March! I had no shorts for you, so we had fun picking out some things at a kids' consignment shop in Phoenix. While I did put a bit of sunscreen on you at times, I certainly wasn't prepared for the little tan you got very quickly!

We had a fun time in Arizona, but for much of it you were clingy and teething. And still not sleeping well. By the very end of our trip you finally started letting others hold you whether I was in sight or not, which was refreshing. Here are a few pictures from our little vacation:

We enjoyed many evenings playing outside on the lawn at your Nana/Grandad's house in Phoenix. I don't know if I've mentioned that balls are your very favorite thing to play with these days, but here you are doing just that. You have also just learned how to roll the ball instead of just handing it to me :)

We also had a great time in Tucson visiting Grandpa Ed, Grandma Sue, Grammy, and your Great Aunt Dee Dee.

Here you are at the zoo enjoying a ride in this vibrant stroller:

And pointing, a favorite past-time:

With Mama, sporting those sun-kissed cheeks:

The ride-on toys were still a little big for you but you enjoyed them when we pushed you for a bit...

Back up in Phoenix, we enjoyed many gathering with aunts, uncles and cousins. Here you are reuniting with your Uncle Rhett:

And crushing your big sister...

One night we took you and your sister for a hike. You were squirming like crazy until I finally realized you wanted to walk for yourself. We had to take turns holding you because you wanted to get down so badly and it became rather difficult to contain you! We let you walk for little stretches, especially on the rocky parts which were your favorite.

We had many fun playdates, including a few with your good old friend Everett.

We met your new cousin, Atreyu (middle) and second cousin Quinn...I thought you were big until I met these two chubby little 6 month-olds! You are longer than both but actually weigh the same (or less in Quinn's case)!

Attempting to get a 'goodbye' shot with the infamous Bastian and Atreyu, but you kept crawling toward me (at least you are waving, which was appropriate)!

It's definitely good to be home. I didn't realize how attached you were to your daddy until we got back; it was so sweet to witness your reunion.


p.s. I almost forgot to mention the throwing up that put us behind on our way to the airport in Phoenix. And then there was the large amount of throw up that came up just as everyone fastened their seatbelts preparing for our flight to Boston. And yes, it splashed on the woman next to us. And need I mention that we were out of extra outfits at that point? Another reason our reunion with dad was so sweet :)

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