Sunday, April 10, 2011

Eating and Drinking

Dear Bastian,
I meant to put a video on here of you figuring out how to take your first drinks from a straw, but couldn't figure out how. Here are pictures from the same occasion.

You still LOVE drinking and eating anything. Luthien skipped the sippy cup and went straight to the straw early like you, but had no difficulty. You seem to choke a bit more so I try to only give you water and not during meals; this proves to be difficult because you are constantly pointing and grabbing for every cup in sight. Your favorite foods right now are frozen blueberries and yogurt- if you see either you immediately start pointing and babbling like crazy. You will eat oranges, limes, and lemons whole, or you would if I didn't stop you! You start eating the rind and get a bit of a confused face but still chomp away until I give you the middle pieces only. You did start spitting out raw vegetables because you finally figured out you can't really chew them- you still attempt to eat them but then you start spitting out little bits. And finally, I have noticed you also seem to prefer meat.

Eating oranges (you also love to share with us, and especially your sister)...

After incessant pointing, shouting, and grabbing (we're working on that), enjoying a home-made orange julius drink with dad:

And here you are enjoying some spaghetti out on the patio in AZ. Nana seemed to think I was starving you because I decided when you were done eating. Apparently you are supposed to decide that, but after awhile even she commented on the fact that you would KEEP eating and you didn't seem to want to stop. Ever.


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