Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Pictureless Update

Hi Bastian,

We are nearing the end of our vacation here in AZ and I feel like I need to provide a little update since you are changing so much everyday. I won't even mention the fact that you are almost 1- it breaks my heart to think that you are getting so old!

So...before we left on our trip I wanted to let you know that I had left out a few more consonant sounds that you say: /g/ and /n/. Also, at that time you started doing a fake sort of laugh whenever we laugh at you. Your favorite songs were- and are still "Old McDonald," "Itsy-Bitsy Spider," "The Wheels on the Bus," and the "La La" song from our library story time. You love music, dancing and clapping to the beat.

Since we've been here in AZ you started waving and saying "bye-bye" whenever people say goodbye to you! You also are saying /f/ and /v/ sounds and have tried to imitate a few times when I say "fan" (a new favorite thing to stare at and talk about). You started playing peek-a-boo by covering your eyes with your hands, taking them off and saying in a high-pitched voice, "da!" You have loved staring, pointing, and talking about lights for awhile, but recently you have been looking at my mouth and attempting to imitate the /l/ phoneme to say the word properly (very Luthien of you)!

Tonight your Nana helped you to take a few steps! She stood you up and scooted back and you took about 3 steps independently! I guess I need to work with you on that more often, although I'm still not terribly anxious for you to walk since you are already in to too much. You have had a snotty nose this entire trip and throw a terrible fit whenever anyone tries to wipe it, which is driving me nuts. You have also been teething like crazy and I am anxious for the next tooth to make its' appearance so you aren't so clingy. Tonight as we played outside, ate, and took a night hike, it was the first time you did pretty well letting someone other than me hold you, which was nice.

I know I will think of more but that's all for now little boy....

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