Sunday, March 6, 2011

Sleepless Nights

...We've had a lot of those lately. Tonight was actually the first night in a couple of weeks that I was able to put you to sleep in your crib on the first try with no fuss as soon as your head hits the mattress, no waking up 10 minutes later and then taking another hour to get back to sleep- I guess that is why I am actually able to take a moment to write to you! Other than teething now and then during this time, I can't figure out why the change in your sleeping habits, other than you are getting older and wiser, and figuring out that as soon as you cry, mom will pick you up and nurse you back to sleep. We may have to start doing some sleep "training" with you soon, but I hope not to have to!

Here are some pictures from the last couple months (since New Years):

Admiring fishies:

Showing off some new threads:

Showing off those naked buns:

You seem very close to walking these days, and sometimes you'll take your hand off of whatever it is you are using to steady yourself and stand by yourself (once you realize you're doing that, though, you get very worried and quickly grab on to something or cry). You just need a little more confidence and I really think you could walk!

You are a very smiley, happy little boy but I can never get you to show off your 7, almost 8 teeth for the camera! You are always too stunned by the flash of the camera I guess.

You love this new toy our friend, Miss Carrie gave to us!

Again, here you are looking stunned while your sister shows off her new haircut!

All glammed up for church:

And finally, playing with your now understand her name and get very excited when you see her after being apart for any span of time. We refer to her as "Lu Lu" for you for now, and when we say her name and see her in the morning or after naps you wave your arms and babble away.

More new developments:
1) You respond to your own name consistently
2) You've replaced your army scoot with a real crawl!
3) You have started imitating the words/phrases "light," "all done," and "so big"
4) The only words I can confidently add to the list of words you are already comprehending are "eat," "water," and "up" (other than "Lu Lu" and the words mentioned in the previous post, which you are still consistently understanding). I think you may understand "drink," "potty" and a few more, but I want to be more sure before saying for sure!
5) Fine motor skills are improving with picking up finger foods and other small objects
6) You can drink from a straw!
7) More variations in your vowel sounds (variegated babbling), but you are still only using initial consonant sounds d, b, and m (the latter only when sad). There were a few days where I almost went crazy because you were repeating "da" over and over, all day long, but then you started changing things up a little bit again- I did look back at Luthien's blog and confirmed she had a lot more consonants at this age, but I always thought she was very verbal from a young age- no comparisons, I promise :)

I love you sweet boy, please sleep well tonight!


  1. Oh Bastian your sweet beautiful eyes! Best way to keep them is with some good sleep, hope that comes quickly and stays for you. I'm glad you guys are liking it back east and endured the cold winter. I look at your pictures and try to imagine my boys at Bastians' age in just a few months although I was hoping sleep gets better. I'd love to hear what cloth diapers you guys are using and how well you like them? I'm looking for something different when they start walking. Wishing you some good sleep.

  2. Oh my goodness, could he be any cuter? What a doll! And I love Luthien's haircut, so precious! Ahhh, the sleepless nights. Those went on forever with us because we hate crying and I would just nurse. Oliver was 19 months and we finally decided, Dude, you can make it through the night without milk. He cried for 30 minutes two nights in a row and then he got it. Miserable, but I guess necessary? I wish they'd just do it on their own! :)

    Love you!