Saturday, October 23, 2010


Dear Bastian,
Well, here are a few more pictures of recent happenings here in Massachusetts. You are 5 months old and getting cuter every day.

First, a picture of our trip up to the Boston Temple, where we attended a 10-year anniversary celebration. There is a church meetinghouse at the bottom of a hill where the festivities took place, and then you take a short hike up to the top, where the Temple is. It was gorgeous, although, a bit hard to enjoy because you and Luthien were having a rough day. Here you can see that mom had to carry both you and Luthien up the hill- you were already strapped on to me, and Luthien insisted on being carried by Mom only. Somewhere along the way you lost a sock, but we made it!
After the Temple we went to the town of Cambridge, which we LOVED. I didn't get too many pictures but here you are all bundled up, ready to get in the car after our long adventure!
Below, modeling your new hat! I had no winter clothes for you, and you started to get a cold. You are doing much better now that I have some things to keep you warm in.
And finally, I love this last picture because I caught you mid- spit-up. You love to be on your tummy with lots of stuffed animals to grab at and bury your face in. Luthien often gets jealous and joins and/or disrupts you in this process :)
p.s. check out those original hard wood floors from the 1800's...gotta love the east coast :)

Love you,

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  1. Love the new posts. It looks so beautiful there. And your house seems so cool- with the hard wood floors!!

    Little bastian has already gotten bigger, and I love the picture with the three of you- your eyes are all so big and blue :)

    Also, your hair looks darker. Did you darken it? You look beautiful in all of these pictures, Jess.

    Love and miss you.