Saturday, October 23, 2010

Carrots and Milestones

Dear Bastian,
You are just shy of 6 months and very interested in what we are eating. So, this past week I started giving you whole raw fruits and vegetables just to hold and gnaw on, which you love. You've always had an intense desire to grasp things, and you used to get really frustrated because you would drop whatever the object was fairly fast. But lately your fine motor coordination has improved so the frustration has decreased thankfully. Just yesterday I let you try our butternut squash and applesauce also, but you were more interested in grabbing at the spoon and getting it to your mouth than the actual food. I've decided this time around I'm not going to push the purees too much, and just let you experiment with whole foods for awhile.

As you can see you have become very smiley in the past few weeks. Also you are very talkative! You are experimenting with alveolar consonant sounds such as in "da da" and "ta ta." You still use your bilabial consonants (/b/, /p/, /m/) but not as much, and you don't vary your vowels very often at this point.

I really feel like this has been a real milestone week for you, in terms of your increased vocalizations, longer periods of contentedness when put down or with different people (Dad included), and general happiness. I would have added sleep to this list but as of last night you are back to old habits. I did have a week straight of waking up only one time during the night, which was nice! In that time, one evening you actually slept the WHOLE night- from 9:00 p.m. to 7:00 a.m. I could not believe it! Oh, and also concerning sleep, we moved you to your crib (in our room) this week. You weren't sleeping right up close to me anymore so not a whole lot changed with this transition.

Okay, good night!

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