Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Big Boy

Hi Bastian,
I wish I had pictures to show you. I promise to show you soon since we are getting ready to move and I don't really have a way to get them on the computer right now. You are so big and so strong!! Such a difference from Luthien, my petite girl. We haven't taken you to the doctor since you were two weeks old, but according to our scale at home you weigh close to 15 pounds!! Just for the comparison, Luthien weighed 16 lbs when she was a year old :)

You smile and coo a lot. I think you are a bit more smiley than Luthien at this age, probably because you have more periods of contentedness. Dad's cousin Chelsea sent you a little Duckie toy which is your absolute favorite. Speaking of dad, we think you are a lot like him, especially personality-wise (yikes!). You are incredibly observant and very sensitive to your environment. Loud noises make you quickly scream, while your mama's face makes you squeal with delight. Bath water you love, while the cold air you despise.

Bastian, you have stolen my heart. Every day I am surprised by how totally in love with you I am. Maybe it is because my perspective as a mother has changed now that I'm not working, maybe it is because you are my second child, and/or maybe it is because you are a boy, but whatever it is, it makes me very, very happy.

Oh, before I forget- something that doesn't make me happy is your sleeping schedule. You are a night owl just like your dad. This wouldn't really be a problem if your sister didn't wake up at 6:30 a.m. sharp. But because she does, can you please try to get to bed before midnight one of these days?! You have a few times throughout the day/night where you will sleep about a four hour stretch, but it is not consistent yet. So yes, you've got that right- Mom goes to sleep around 12:30 after you go down, then I wake up to nurse you around 4, then wake up at 6:30 with Luthien. Proof that I love you as much as I have said...

Goodnight my sweet boy,

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  1. I'm so glad you are doing these two blogs, Jess. Such a great way to keep a journal for these guys and also to entertain ME! That birth story is like the most wild thing ever. I love imagining it! You are amazing!

    Wow, Bastian is a big boy already - 15 lbs. That's so great!