Friday, December 18, 2009

Hi again

Hi baby,

I'm sorry it's been so long since I've written. Like I said before, we have lots going on right now! Mom is switching jobs, trying to get her schedule so she can work only 2 days a week while still supporting our little family. Dad is finally getting all of his application materials together for law school. And, we're selling our house! We thought we would move right away but have decided we're staying right where we are until after you arrive and we know what the next step for Dad will be.

In the last post I said I would talk about your "interactions with Luthien." I don't know exactly now what I was referring to then, which is why I should have written it down right then. However, I may have been talking about how rough Luthien is with you right now. She doesn't mean to be, she just forgets you are there sometimes since it's kind of an abstract concept for a toddler. What I mean by "rough" is that she lays on you with all her weight and sometimes kicks you. She nurses with Mom in the morning and she is very fidgety, so she squirms her arms, body, and legs all around and this is why she kicks. Sometimes you kick back- I'm sure you will more so as you grow. The reason I wanted to tell you about this is because it is so very different from the environment Luthien developed in. Mom kept things as perfect as possible for her- even shooed the cats away if they got to close to her tummy. And I think it shows in Luthien's personality. She is our sensitive girl, like her Daddy. I have a feeling, given what you've been exposed to already and what you will experience once you are out of the womb, that you will be a bit less sensitive, with a bit of a thicker skin. I'm not saying one is better than the other, it's just interesting to observe the differences. We'll find out shortly if my little theory is right!
I also mentioned briefly that you and I have been doing pre-natal yoga classes together. I did this with Luthien, but at home. Now I take the time out of my day (1-2 times each week) to go to a studio and do yoga with you. It is really our only time alone, and I really enjoy it. I hope you do too!
You had a brief pause in your growth (from an external perspective only) the past month or so, I think because you blossomed so early! But now that I am 20 weeks along you are really growing again! I will show you pictures in my next post, I promise. At my last check-up you were only measuring about a week ahead, instead of a whole month like before! So, even though I think my due date is off and it does not make sense with my menstrual cycle and when I started feeling pregnancy symptoms, it looks like we may be a bit more on schedule now. I have a feeling you will come about a week early, just like your sister. Still hoping for April 25th!

I hate when people ask about "cravings." I just don't like to call them that for some reason, and I'm still trying to figure out why. It seems that lately there are things that I am definitely liking A LOT though, and they are:
1) Oranges- this has changed from melon in the summer. I love that you are keeping with the seasons like your Mama tries to do!
2) Celery- this is a weird one because celery is one of my least favorite vegetables normally. I think you like the water they contain.
3) Pickles- why did you have to get all cliche on me?!
4) Chocolate- this is another weird one, because I am not one to really "need" sweets, other than fruit. Why did you have to go and ruin my perfect track record?! And it's not even my usual fave, dark chocolate- it's milk (with nuts at least, and of course of the high quality variety, so you're on target there).

Well my little one, that's all for now. Love you!

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