Friday, November 20, 2009

Dear Baby: Entry #1

Dear Baby,
This is your Mama. I am writing you today, and from now on, to check in with you and tell you that you are loved. Amidst all the chaos and uncertainty going on for your mom, dad, and sister Luthien Lee right now, there is one surety; and that is, that you are loved by your family. Your sister Luthien already likes to point at you, saying your temporary name "baby," and give you lots of kisses. Mom needs to talk to you more but I think you are soaking in all that your sister and I talk about (and sing) about. Since this is the first time I am writing to you let me give an outline of your little life thus far:

-Mommy was feeling a little sick and VERY emotional in the middle of August. Dad brought up the possiblity of being pregnant and I didn't listen for a couple of days, then finally my nerves got the best of me and I took a test. We did our usual routine of me setting the test on the counter and going as far away as possible. Your dad and I then forget about the whole thing and finally dad goes into the bathroom and non-chalantly says, "Oh yeah, you're pregnant." This happened with your sister too, so don't feel bad! I couldn't believe my ears/eyes so I took a few more tests and finally went to the doctor to confirm the news. Of course by that point you were a welcome surprise! (One thing to note: I felt really sick at the end of July and went to the doctor for my annual exam and while there had them run a pregnancy test. This came out negative but I am convinced that test was wrong)...
- At the first doctor's appointment the ultrasound said you were 6 weeks old, which again, I think is wrong (you are older) for multiple reasons.
- Mommy begins to feel the exact same way she did with Luthien: nauseated ALL THE TIME. One difference this time is that smells make this situation MUCH worse. Mom does everything she can to avoid the smell of cooking food: usually this means having Dad cook dinner while Luthien and Mom do other things, then eating outside and/or in the car. We also ate out a lot at first because, just as with Luthien, if I thought of something that I actually could stomach, I had to have it right then.
- As I write this you are supposedly 15 weeks old (really 18 or 19). Mom has been staying on top of her eating a little better so she's been feeling a little better, although you are a very hungry baby and you are making me really picky about food still so it's hard to satisfy you! And hungriness=nauseousness.
- Mom switched doctors so that she is seeing a midwife. Her name is Ramona and she is wonderful. I saw her when you were 12 weeks old and she agreed with me that the due date must be off, and that really you were at least 15 weeks at that point. You definitely don't look like you are only 15 weeks old now. You make mom's stomach protrude out, more so than some of her friends who are further along!
- So, at this point you are supposed to be entering this world on May 4th. I'm positive it will be earlier. I'm thinking you will want to come on your Grandma Lee's birthday, April 25th, but even that would be later than what I estimate your actual due date to be.

More news, thoughts, and pictures to come. Everything from pre-natal yoga to your "interactions" with Luthien...

I love you,

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