Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Big Boy

We finally took you to the doctor and here are your measurements:
Weight: 19 lbs 1 oz
Height: 28.5 inches
Head: forgot, sorry!
The doctor mentioned that your weight is in the 58th percentile but she didn't say the percentile for your height. All I know is that you feel heavy and you seem to be VERY long. 12-18 month clothing fits you best these days. You aren't very "roly poly" or round necessarily, just a very sturdy boy. It's so strange to think that I birthed you! The doctor also felt that you have a heart murmur that should be further checked out by a cardiologist so we will see what they have to say. Apparently the murmur runs in Dad's family big time so we're not too worried at this point. On to pictures...
We spent Thanksgiving in Brooklyn with your aunts, uncles, and cousins. Your cousin Olivia is really a fast crawler these days so she was moving all around the house while you attempted to keep up with your tummy scoot. You have definitely picked up the pace, but alas, you are no match for Livers (as Dad calls her).

That weekend really marked a change in your eating habits I think- you began loving to munch on finger foods and your ability to move food- purees or solids- to the back of your mouth showed much improvement! Still when you eat purees, quite a bit comes out the front, but I think this has more to do with your excessive drooling, and the fact that you start to get lazy after about 5 bites.
You couldn't wait for dinner so you started snacking on a green bean here:

Clearly a very happy boy, after delving into some sweet potatoes!

Mom got sick with some sort of stomach flu the days leading up to Thanksgiving, but finally felt better just in time for the feast. But we were still pretty worn out that evening:

During the trip we discovered that you could sit up all by yourself!

I had previously been doing a lot of this (hovering behind you):

And this (propping you up with pillows):

But there is no need for propping or hovering anymore, which is very nice! I will say that the two times I have decided to sit you up on a hard surface you have fallen :( Once was at the doctor's office when I had to sit you on the floor while holding Luthien for a finger prick, and the other time was today, when Luthien decided to walk up to you and push you backwards on the hardwood floor. Other than these incidences you really are very steady! The only frustrating thing now is that you have not quite figured out that you can move out of the sitting up position (or maybe I should enjoy this while it lasts!)...You will actually sit in the same position for a long time, but as seems to be true of your personality in general, once you are done you are done, and are very vocal about it! You definitely stay put longer when I'm not around, because you always want me to pick you up and you know I won't make you wait very long :)

You are enjoying the lights and objects on our Christmas tree. It is usually still dark when you wake up in the morning and we always walk out and talk about all the lights/colors. Here are a few crazy pictures Dad took of you while Luthien and I trimmed the tree:

For a few weeks I've been trying to convince Luthien to hand down her beloved fishy hat to you, since your head has grown out of the other one we have that has ear flaps (a must have here). She finally has started "letting" you wear it which we are all very happy about. Here you are in it, looking so much older to me!

Mom's friend Kim lent you a bumbo chair which has been very helpful at the dinner table. The other day I let you have a few tastes of my raw milk- gasp!- and you went crazy for it.

You are always so serious about taking the first few bites- and you always have to be in control of the spoon. We usually end up using two or three spoons each meal so you can always hold on to one and feel like you are feeding yourself. We just fill up a spoon and switch it out as you grab for the newest one.

Here you are going for the milk, very serious (about everything, just like your Dad):

Thoroughly enjoying every taste...

Showing off maybe...?

And finally, the drunk look after you've decided you're all done :)

I mentioned before that you have some very hip new outfits given by a friend. The moose jammies (above) are another favorite, as well as this one:

Dad took this hilarious picture. He knew I wouldn't like it because he purposely accentuated your elvish ears (that your mama gave you), but it's too great to leave out.

You have always loved the vaccum- you loved the sound as a baby, and now you are so interested in the look of it, the fact that it moves, the lights, as well as the sound. This is good for Mom because I am a somewhat obsessive vaccumer. I have lately been plopping you down while I do the job, and you get very serious (again) about following my every move. Below, you started out way back on the rug behind you, crawled under the little yellow table, and made it all the way to grab on to the cord all while doing the tummy scoot maneuver.

And last but not least, one of your very favorite people. She can instantly change your mood from sad/mad to happy, overly excited, giggly- you name it. So sweet, I can't get enough of you two...

Love you my baby Bastian boy,

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  1. Jessica, your blog is fabulous. Such off the charts adorable babes you have. Thanks for posting.